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Saturday, November 4th, 2017


Fish For a Cure Powers Into 10th Year With New Eastport Yacht Club Partnership

As if reaching our one million dollar fundraising milestone wasn’t exciting enough, Fish For a Cure (F4AC) is aiming to raise the bar even higher this year, our 10th Anniversary, by partnering with the Eastport Yacht Club (EYC.)

In 2015, Fish For a Cure’s cumulative donations to AAMC exceeded one million dollars. With 9 years of successful fundraising, fishing tournaments and Shore Parties, the organization is looking to a bright future with the Eastport Yacht Club by their side. Together, F4AC and EYC have signed a new 1 million dollar pledge to raise funds for direct patient support at Anne Arundel Medical Center’s Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute.

A new 1 million dollar pledge is huge news for AAMC, as F4AC’s donations are critical in supporting programs such as Nurse Navigators, nutrition and social work positions. These programs provide direct support, hope and peace of mind to cancer patients and their families during and after treatment. Without F4AC’s yearly donations, AAMC would likely not be able to provide many of these vital services to patients.

Though the fundraising focus and core values of Fish For a Cure will remain the same, EYC will run the Captain’s Challenge as well as host the weigh-in and the ever popular Shore Party. EYC members and two-time F4AC Captain’s Challenge winners Jeff and Sharon Borland deeply understand F4AC, the couple was thrilled to initiate this special partnership. Together, F4AC & EYC will continue to raise funds - and awareness - for their cause and their community.

The Fish For a Cure 2016 fishing tournament and Shore Party will be held on Saturday November 5th. The tournament will be take place in and around the Chesapeake Bay, the weigh-in and Shore Party will be held at the Eastport Yacht Club.