Is Fish For a Cure a registered 501(c) (3)?

Yes. Fish For a Cure is an event run by the AKI Foundation which is a registered non-profit. All donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID is: 45-2073614. If you need a copy of our letter of certification, mission statement or w9, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

How do I register a boat for the tournament?

If you are a Captain, you can either register your boat directly through the Website or you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a registration form be sent through to you for completion and return.

How much does it cost to register a boat?

Its costs $500 to register your boat, yourself and up to three anglers. This initial registration also includes entrance to the Captain’s party on Wednesday, October 31st, which will be held at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 6 Herndon Ave in Annapolis MD from 6pm - 9pm, and entry for all four crew members to the Shore Party (5:00pm - 10:00pm) after the fishing tournament on November 3rd. Additional anglers on your boat above and beyond the original four included in your boat registration fee will be $150.00 per additional angler – this fee also includes entry to the Captain's Meeting and the Shore Party. If you want to bring additional friends or family to the Shore Party – the cost will be $125.00 per person.

How do I register the additional anglers included in my registration fee?

The three additional anglers included in your registration fee can be added by the Captain on your boat page. Captains need to login to their boat page and click on the "Manage Boat" header. This will bring up your free angler spots. Simply enter First Name, Last Name and Email and click on "Save". All fields are mandatory. If you do not have your angler's email, please use your own, it does not require a unique email address.

Can I buy additional anglers and can they register themselves?

Yes, you can buy additional anglers for your boat at a cost of $150.00 and yes they can register themselves directly without going through the Captain - although you will still need his or her permission to get on board!  From our home page www.fishforacure.org click on "HELP A BOAT" scroll through the list of registered boats and click on the name of the boat you would like to join e.g. "Just in Time".  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "FISH ON THIS BOAT". You will be asked to add your name and email and then click on "ADD TO CART". The following page will take you through the payment process.  You DO NOT need to LOGIN to register as an additional angler.

Do I need to pay for Shore Party tickets at the same time I pay for my boat registration?

No. You can pay for these separately on the Website. We will be returning to the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel (formerly the Marriott) for the Shore Party and it will run from 5:00pm till 10:00pm.  The weigh in will be on Pusser's Dock - right out front - so you can tie up there, or in the harbor and get a ride from the harbor taxi!

Are there any local hotels we can book for the night of the Shore Party?

We were unable to secure decent rates at the local hotels, we are really sorry!  

Do I need to register the names of my three anglers at the same time I register my boat?

No - but it would be really helpful if you did! You can add this information at a later date using your unique login and password which will be sent to you via email once you complete your initial boat registration. We strongly encourage you to complete this step of the registration as it helps us to track attendees at all events.  Please complete all 3 fields when registering your angers: First Name, Last Name and Email.  All fields are mandatory.

Can I make an additional donation at the same time I register my boat?

Yes. There is a line item within the payment cart which will allow you to make an additional donation. Please remember that all donations are tax free.

Can I pay for a donation by check?

Yes. Please send check payments through to F4AC, 1007 Skidmore Dr, Annapolis MD 21409. Please place the name of the boat you are donating to in the memo section. Thank you!

What is the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge?

The Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge is a fundraising competition. As well as participating in the fishing tournament, each Captain will be asked to set a goal of $3,000 for additional fundraising dollars. The Captain’s will need to put together some information and pictures of their team/boat which will be turned into a website page on www.fishforacure.org This page can then be forwarded to friends and family to generate donations to Fish For A Cure.

Do I “have” to participate in the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge?

Participation isn’t mandatory, but it is expected. This is a tournament aimed at raising funds for cancer survivorship programs and we expect Captain's to accept a team goal of $3,000. The Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge is the best way to increase exposure for the event and an excellent vehicle for raising as much money as possible for a fantastic cause. Plus, the competition to win the Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge will be fierce and is a lot of fun - you may well regret not participating!

What information do I need to put together for my team’s Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge page?

You will need to put together a short biography for the team. Include things like why you chose to participate, what the tournament means to you, what your goals are, how much you intend to raise, how you intend to crush your competition...A picture would be great! There will be examples of other Captain’s pages for you to refer to and a tackle box containing all kinds of tips and templates to make the process as easy as possible.

How do I see who has donated to my boat and the amount?

When you are logged in, go to your boat page and click on "Manage Boat". Scroll down to "Donation History" and you'll see a little arrow to the right of the screen. Click on the arrow and your donors will be revealed!

What if I have questions about getting my boat set-up on the F4AC website. I got through the registration process; but now I’d like to personalize my boat and team page?

If your kids can’t fix it for you, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Why is the Captain’s Party on October 31st mandatory?

Because we need to know who is definitely fishing! Plus this is our opportunity to make sure all Captains understand the rules of the tournament and have been given their packets/Captain’s bags. This is also the only chance to enter into the Calcutta.  Please note that if your team has not raised a minimum of $1,500 in the Paul C. Dettor Captain's Challenge by 8am on November 3rd, your team will not be eligible to win anything in the Calcutta.

What should I expect at the Fishing Tournament on November 3rd?

Most boats get an early start and can start from wherever they like. However, no matter what time you start out, you must be “IN LINE” with your fish registered for the weigh-in by 4pm – no exceptions! 

Is there a Catch & Release Division?

YES! We introduced the Catch & Release Division in 2016 and it has been really well received. It is supported by CCA Maryland and Building Conservation Trust.  For more information or to register your team in the Catch & Release Division, please CLICK HERE. New since 2017 is a smartphone based catch, photo, release tool called iangler tournament.  Please view the catch and release tournament page here and follow instructions for signing up for an account under your team name.   You will not have to pay for your registration for iangler and when prompted to do so please enter the coupon F4AC2017 to bypass any further payments.  

If you have any questions when signing up feel free to give David Sikorski a call at 443-621-9186 or an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so he can guide you through the process.  

What should I expect for the Shore Party on November the 3rd?

Any person that has not registered as a Captain or an additional angler will need to visit the F4AC site and register as a party participant. You can still come to the party without first registering, but it will really help with catering numbers if you can do so in advance. We will be returning to the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel (formerly the Marriott) for the Shore Party which runs from 5:00pm - 10:00pm. If you register at the door, payment will be taken at that point. There will be plenty of great items in the auction so please don’t forget your cash! Finally, put on your comfortable party shoes and get ready to dance.