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Team Luki Belle would like to Thank you! for considering our boat for Fish 4 A Cure.

Tim Bright and I have been apart of F4AC since its begining. We have tried to catch the winning fish every year but have not succeded. What we have succeded in is gathering friends and family onto our team and we have raised some money for a great cause.

As many of you know I have lost several family members to cancer. I enjoy doing something I love to battle the one thing that I hate in life which is cancer. I love how this organiztion helps those who are fighting cancer as well as it helps those people who help those who are fighting cancer.

Having taken both a brother and a sister back and forth for their treatments in their fights I know what a strain it is on the patient and the family. Having F4AC helping our community and our friends and neighbors in their battles is one way we can all help someone in their fight against cancer. Please look into all the benifits F4AC provides. It is amazing and every dollar goes to the cause not to any waste or bureaucracy.  Your money helps someone and makes a difference.


Thank you,

Team Luki Belle


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